Who We Are

We are the world’s first all in-HOUSE global creative collective, with its own first-of-its-kind boutique mother agency dedicated to ethical fashion and philanthropy.

United HOUSE Studios, Inc. (aka the HOUSE) is a creative HOUSE and a next era model agency at NOVELMODELS (founded in 2011).

As a collective, we are  focused on creating and inspiring positive growth and transformation through creative, purposeful and impactful collaboration. Whether it is for a small business, publication or not-for-profit organization, we have the skills and experience to tell the story and make and impact.

We are ready for this transformative year. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation, on the HOUSE.

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What We Do

As a globally networked creative collective,  our HOUSE of dedicated creators in all fields of art, music, design, photography, cinematography and writing, will engage with you as one of the family.

HOUSE Creators span the globe.  Whatever is required, we will ensure that you have access to those who will get it done.

The HOUSE is where  we come together to be creative, have fun and live  to make a positive impact in the world. With much talk in our industries about sustainability, we know  that at the heart of it all, it is about ethics, ethos and love. When you start at the center, everything else comes naturally. It is a way of life (not a trend). Our connections run deep, and are meaningful and memorable.

We are Renaissance'ing our way back to Nature, one story at a time.









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