IMPARI MODA is one of Germany's most fashion-forward brands making waves internationally. The urban-style label is a sustainable Fashion brand based in Berlin.  IMPARI works with an own created Zero Waste Technique and reuse all the cuttings from production. Their store opened in April 2019. All of the designs are created by Jana Heinemann, founder and CEO of IMPARI. Jana is influenced by the city of Berlin, its Afro Scenes, and life abroad.

"Impari" means Unequal. In our society there is often a very divisive picture of the different cultures, and in some aspects we still live in the cultural structures of the past. With its latest collection, "11:11" IMPARI wants to show that we can benefit and learn from each other, and grow together.

Our future is the blending and merging of diverse cultures. Through diverse cultures, we become richer in acceptance and more enlightened.





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Michael Angelo Taylor (michaelangelo1_2) 

wears IMPARI (@impari_moda)

Photographed by Fiifi Abban (@thefiifiabban)

Styled by Titus (@ttdhoku_)

Creative Vision @work_byadrenuscraton

Hair by Oforiwaa (@iamoforiwaa._)

Produced by @adrenuscraton (@akathehouse)

Production by Ekow Barnes (@wbgrouprepresents)

Photo Shoot Director @ekowbarnes_

Model Agent, Adrénus Craton (@novelmodels)

Special thanks to Jana Heinemann (@jana_ms.impari)

& Ekow Barnes (@ekowbarnes_)


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United HOUSE Studios, Inc. welcomes IMPARI MODA into its new globally networked Creative Collective. The purpose of this #creative___collective is to bring us all one step closer back to Nature. We have a responsibility, as stewards of our life sustaining planet, to care for this place we call home. We do this not only for ourselves, but also for those who came before us, and for those who are now rising up in love energy, to lead our next generations.

Mother Earth can, has, and always will take care of Herself, for sure. She has all the power to rise above what does not serve Her own preservation and survival. Therefore,  we all have a responsibility to learn how to live in harmony with Her, this planet we call our home. Therefore, initiatives and spirits like Jana's are vital to the survival of our species as human beings. It's much more serious than we can even imagine, and every effort literally means the world to us.

So, it is with gratitude, an open heart, and unlimited love energy, that we welcome and are excited to highlight and to represent Jana's incredible work. Let's do this! 

Adrénus Craton, President, Founder & CEO at United HOUSE Studios, Inc.

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