WB Group is one of our favourite client partnerships, and with nearly 7 years of collaborations on the table with co-founder, Ekow Barnes, we are practically family.

As always, we look forward to creating beautiful, inspirational, meaningful, purposeful, and now even more impactful ways of re-writing the narratives. As we enter the next era of incredible new opportunities, we go there together with the hearts and minds of the next generation of creators.

Based in Accra, West Africa ⏤ servicing the world.

Work w/WB Group



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WB'S Client: New Balance @newbalancefootball

Production Company: @wbgrouprepresents
Production /Creative Direction: Ekow Barnes @ekowbarnes_ at @wbgrouprepresents

Project Manager: Emmanuel Affedzie @wizkojo

Campaign Photographers: Fiifi Abban @thefiifiabban
Ernest Ankomah @ankomah__

Image post-production: Adrénus Craton @adrenuscraton at United HOUSE Studios, Inc. @akathehouse

Lighting : Alfred Quartey @aquartey_

Director - Kwesi Botchway @kaybotchway
D.O.P - @kaybotchway
Video Post Production - @rtrv.co

VFX - @robbie_danso
Set/Art Direction: Shim Ziorkley @dharrren
3D Design -: Percy Okine @n3D_studios

Backdrop artists :Ohemeng Oware Jr. (datartgod) & Peter Asare (@peterasare_art)

Catering : @the_fancydawson

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United HOUSE Studios, Inc. welcomes WB Group to the global scene and  into its new globally networked Creative Collective. The purpose of this #creative___collective is to bring us all one step closer back to Nature. We have a responsibility, as stewards of our life sustaining planet, to care for this place we call home. We do this not only for ourselves, but also for those who came before us, and for those who are now rising up in love energy, to lead our next generations.

WB Group is truly one  of the most special teams we have had the pleasure of working with.  So exciting to have been a small part of this truly inspiring, all—in production.  Extremely proud to present to you the new global campaign:

“The Lion 🦁 Roars“ with @newbalancefootball x @sadiomaneofficiel

Roaring for AFCON this month . As the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) is happening, @NewBalance presented Sadio Mané with his new Furon 6+, called “The Lion 🦁 Roars” with the boot celebrating all SM10 has achieved in his career so far and symbolising his role in inspiring the next gen of young lions.


WB GROUP is LIVE! and looking forward to an incredible storytelling journey in the months & years to come, bringing you something different yet refreshing. So, it is with absolute love energy that we welcome WB, and are excited to celebrate and work alongside legends in the making. 

Adrénus Craton, President, Founder & CEO at United HOUSE Studios, Inc.

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