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United HOUSE Studios, Inc. (aka the HOUSE) is the world’s first-of-its-kind, all in-HOUSE global creative collective, with its own next-era boutique mother agency  NOVELMODELS. As a collective, we are focused on creating and inspiring positive growth and transformation through creative, purposeful and impactful collaboration.

We are in the business of creative development, from concept to completion and everything in-between, across the board (i.e., commercial, fashion, lifestyle, product, sound, written, documentary, artistic, portrait and tests). Our HOUSE Services include portfolio and model development, creative representation, event castings, private 1:1 and group creative lessons, life / career  coaching,  creative  consultation  services and special bookings.

Since  2011, our inspirational work spans across the globe, notably, Texas, New York, LA, London, Paris, Milan, West Africa and South Africa, and we are excited to continue.  In 2021, the partnership between United HOUSE Studios, Inc. and NOVELMODELS, LLC was made official with the launch of its "What Do You Represent?" Global Campaign, engaging creators, visionaries and ÆSPi industry supporters from around the world (including in parts of Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and North America) by asking each individual the same poignant question, "What do you represent?" In 2023, our cohort joined the Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle network and became official partners for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with our ÆSPi Creators Initiative.

If you would like to be considered for special representation by our boutique agency at the HOUSE, or would like to join our creative collecive, please get in touch. Our team is excited to hear from you! 


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London HOUSE Studio, Shoreditch, London, UK (circa 2015)


A walk down memory lane, the HOUSE was founded in the summer of 2015, in London, United Kingdom. It came about organically after the founding of NOVELMODELS in 2011. Our team further developed from agency test shoots, model scouting, castings, fashion shoots, creative projects, passion projects and eventually expanded into further artistic pursuits.

From its inception, the HOUSE is a place where we all come together as creatives and creators to have connect, support each other, have fun and make a positive energetically aligned impact on the world. London HOUSE Studio was born in Shoreditch, in the historic East End of London's most creative district (also home to Shakespeare's early theatre musings, which contributed greatly towards our poetic and creative atmosphere).   

Located in the historical Lazarus Building (on 1 Holywell Lane) opposite London's renowned Tea Building, and situated across from the legendary BoxPark, our early days at the HOUSE added much fire and inspiration to our present creative pursuits.

Our HOUSE has worked with many unique faces, models, photographers, MUA's, hair stylists, fine artists, musicians, filmmakers and creative directors from around the world, setting an early trend in 2015 of  highlighting the 'story behind the story' and raising the curtain of the backstage scenes.

 In early 2017, the HOUSE relocated to the States and continued its development in the arts in New York City. Just before the onset of the global pandemic, the HOUSE went on a one-year meditative hiatus. After moving its operations out of NYC to South Central Texas, the world's industries came to a halt as we all witnessed a worldwide transformation.

In 2021, we re-emerged re-invigorated (incorporated) and even more focused and determined than before. Our studio doors opened in Texas and began operating internationally, just in time for NOVELMODELS' 10-Year Founding Anniversary. Today, as the HOUSE once again explores what New York City has to offer, we are in a continuous state of gratitude and celebration to bring our wildest dreams and passions to life.

"Now, more than ever, is the time to lead the way with a new found sense of creativity, connectivity and continuity. The HOUSE welcomes you and all those of like minds to continue building on the creative energies which remain etched on the walls of times passed." (2021) 

Adrénus Craton (President, Founder & CEO)


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